Dear friends!

There is one basic type of payment in our European official E-store of AMT Electronics

1) PayPal

You can make a payment through PayPal using your personal PayPal account.


Login your account on AMT E-store, go to your cart and press to checkout button.

Then on the Step#4 "Billing Options" just choose "Internet Payments":


But what if you still don't have a PayPal account?

It's easy!

You just need to have a standard credit/debit bank card and to set up your PayPal account in 1 minute:

On this case your PayPal account will be as a certified international secure gateway for payment processing.

At the time of payment for the order in our online store, money will be withdrawn directly from your bank card, you will not pay any additional commissions!

PayPal account is also required to make a refund in case of using our "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" program or in other cases.

 QUESTION:  Do I need a credit/debit card acount with paypal, or can I also use my paypal account with the money that is in my paypal account?

 ANSWER: It doesn't matter in which way you will pay - directly by PayPal's money or from your card connected to your PayPal account: you need to have a PayPal account, and that's all. In other words - you can use your paypal account with the money that is in your paypal account.

If you still have some questions about the payment - please contact us using