AMT 12AX7 Warm Stone LE - "solid-state" tube Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
AMT FS-2UM - silent mini footswitch with momentary (unlatched) buttons Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
AMT FS-2-MOM – footswitch with momentary (unlatched) buttons Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):

START OF SALES: AMT Tubecake TC-3M (1,5-3W)

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There is a start of sales of the AMT Tubecake TC-3M (1,5-3W). 

This is a guitar amplifier can work as independent one device as well as also can be installed into the pedalboard AMT UBR PB-3, which allows you to connect guitar cabinets directly to the PB-3.

The weight of the device is only 86 grams.


A special feature of the TC-3M is that the device can be powered by a wide voltage range from 12 to 18 volts.

  • When the power supply is 12 volts: the device operates in the mode of a 1.5 watt amplifier;
  • When powered at 18 volts the TC-3M fully reveals its potential, giving out a full 3 watts of power.

The TC-3M amplifier has the "Volume" and "Presence" regulators as in the standard for a tube guitar amplifier, as well as the "DEPTH" regulator (aka "Resonance") used in many models, which controls the frequency response in the low-frequency range.

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NEW: AMT 12AX7 Warm Stone LE

There is a start of sales of the Light Edition (LE) version of the hit solid-state functional analog of the 12AX7 – 12AX7 Warm Stone tube!

The only difference between the LE version and the usual 12AX7 Warm Stone tube is solely in appearance. Due to the fact that instead of the expensive (although aesthetically very beautiful) aluminum housing of the "tube", the LE version uses a transparent heat shrink, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of production and, as a result, the retail price. At the same time, according to all other technical characteristics, the LE version is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL to the "full version" of the Warm Stone tube!

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AMT at Summer NAMM 2021: Booth #1432

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AMT Electronics team is happy to invite all business partners, distributors & dealers, and customers to visit our Booth #1432 at Summer NAMM 2021!

► When: July 15-16, 2021
► Where:
Music City Center
Nashville, TN (USA)
Location: Booth #1432 (check the map >>)
► Which time:
Thursday, July 15: 9 am – 6 pm
Friday, July 16: 9 am – 5 pm

Come to see our new products and get the opportunity to hear them live. We will be happy to see everyone at AMT Electronics Booth!

IMPORTANT: If you are interested to discuss with us all issues (business stuff, dealers/distributors questions, collaboration etc.) please go to and use a button “Book Appointment” – there you can easily book the date and time of our meeting at Summer NAMM 2021

Credit Card Payment is available now!

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Credit Card Payment is available now - AMT Electronics

Dear friends!

AMT is striving to be closer to our customers always, and now we are happy to announce that a Credit Card Payment method is finally available in AMT's Official E-store!

That technology is provided by FONDY service



Login to your account on AMT E-store, go to your cart and press the "Proceed to checkout" button.

Then on Step#4 "Billing Options" just choose "Credit card" and press the "SUBMIT MY ORDER" button:

 After that you will be redirected to the payment page:

START OF SALES: AMT Pangaea U-2 Ultima Brain Frame

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Dear Friends!

We are happy to announce the start of sellings for our new amazing device – AMT Pangaea U-2 Ultima Brain Frame.

The device is a hardware platform on the basis of which various guitar effects can be implemented in software.

Changing the functionality of the device is carried out by changing the  FIRMWARE ◄ of the device.

This device complements the AMT Bricks series of devices. The AMT Bricks series includes various devices (preamps, effect pedals, noise suppressors, cabinet simulators, device controllers, pedalboards, etc.).

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Dear Friends!

AMT Electronics wants to present our new product – AMT BZ-300 bass power amp.

This a compact D-class audio amplifier with the output power up to 300 Watts, a switching power supply with a wide range of AC mains voltage. The power amplifier is a good companion to the AMT Bass Preamps (AMT BC-1, AMT A-Bass, AMT O-Bass) or to the preamps of other respected producers.

The BZ-300 is designed in close touch with musicians using the best components. Each amplifier is tested to confirm that it meets our specifications and we believe that it will meet your requirements in the best way.

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Dear Friends!

AMT Electronics engineers present a new device in the AMT Bricks series – the AMT PANGAEA VIRGIN CAB VC16. It is an IR cabinet simulator for individual practice, Live gigs, and recording. The device has a universal interface of the AMT Bricks series of the devices, which lets you combine the devices of this series in the easily controllable complex. The input attenuator lets you use the device not only with line-level signals but with power amps output signals. The device main outputs can be used either in balanced or unbalanced modes.

Needless to say, the electric guitar tone is defined by many components, such as a guitar itself, an amp, a cabinet with speakers and a mic. The new AMT Electronics PANGAEA VIRGIN CAB VC16 can emulate the sound of any miked guitar cab, whose Impulse Responses (IRs) are free or commercially available on the Internet and can be easily loaded to the Pangaea via USB.

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AMT Electronics at the NAMM Show 2020

by Admin AMT
AMT Electronics at the NAMM Show 2020

Great News!
AMT Electronics will be at the NAMM Show 2020!

We will provide you a number of our booth asap!

P.S. All partners who are interested in booking a meeting with us - please write to

AMT Bricks preamps - full detailed review

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AMT Bricks preamps - full detailed review

Today we're talking in detail about the new line of one-channel preamps from AMT Electronics - AMT Bricks series. At the moment, AMT Bricks series includes 11 one-channel preamps. 7 of them are the X-Lead product line - it means an emulate drive channels of famous amplifiers. Another 2 preamps - are the X-Clean product line. For example, here we’re speaking about an emulate a clean channel of the legendary Fender Twin and VOX AC30 amplifiers. And the last 2 preamps - are the X-Bass product line which emulates the legendary Alembic bass preamps in the AMT Bricks A-Bass and Orange AD200 mark3 bass amp - which is the AMT Bricks O-Bass.

But it now:

Tips of integration of the plug-in module AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 with a guitar pedal

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AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 with a guitar pedal

AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 - is a plug-in module IR Player & digital processor made in the form factor of the 6F22 battery. It can be easily integrated both into newly developed guitar devices (power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, guitar effects, load boxes, etc.) and into any already operated similar devices.

But it now: