AMT Bass ZEALOT BZ-300 - Bass Power Amplifier Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
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AMT Pangaea U-2 Ultima Brain Frame Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
AMT StoneHead SH-100R Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):
AMT G-Packer - optical compressor for guitar Price w/t Taxes/Vat (for non EU costumers):

AMT EgoGig EG-4 for Annihilator

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There is a video, where a drummer Fabio Alessandrini talks about his AMT EgoGig EG-4, 4-channel WAV Player & monitor mixer, before the beginning of upcoming tour with Annihilator "A TOUR FOR THE DEMENTED 2019" -

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Start of pre-orders for the new AMT Bricks: M-Lead Plus, P-Lead, F-Clean, Vx-Clean, A-Bass, O-Bass

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We are pleased to announce the start of pre-orders for new products in the line of preamps series Bricks from AMT Electronics!

AMT Bricks M-LEAD Plus - mod version of AMT Bricks M-LEAD with more gain (goes to high gain)! It emulates the “forefather” of the majority of amplifiers created for heavy styles.

AMT Bricks P-LEAD - preamp based on the response, characteristics, gain, and tonal nuances similar to that of Peavey 5150 and 6505 Amplifiers.

AMT Bricks F-Clean - this is the cleanest or slightly loaded sound, which is based on the scheme of the clean channel of guitar amplifiers Fender Twin.

AMT Bricks Vx-Clean - this device is based on the scheme of the legendary VOX AC30 amplifier. It may sound like a clean as well as a typical for VOX amps with a light Overdrive characteristic.

AMT Bricks A-Bass - this device is based on the scheme of the legendary Alembic bass preamps line.

AMT Bricks O-Bass - the basis of this bass preamp included the nature of sound is such a legendary bass amp as Orange AD200 mark3.


START OF SALES: AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 (plug-in module)

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START OF SALES: AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 (plug-in module)

Dear Friends!

We are glad to tell you about starting of sales for our new product - AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 (plug-in module)!

 AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 (hereinafter CP16A-6F22) is a plug-in module made in the form factor of the 6F22 battery. The module has in its composition serially produced by our company digital audio signal processing module AMT Pangaea CP-16M and new development – mini board of input/output analog interfaces.

Due to its small size and functional completeness, the CP16A-6F22 module can be easily integrated both into newly developed guitar devices (power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, guitar effects, load boxes, etc.) and into any already operated similar devices. For example, the module can be easily installed in the battery compartment of pre-amplifiers and drive pedals produced by AMT Electronics or other manufacturers.

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AMT Bricks for Tiamat / Katatonia

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“Out of curiosity I’ve tried a bunch of different tubes in it now, and it really answers differently depending on what tube you put in there, which makes it even more versatile.”

Roger Öjersson [Tiamat / Katatonia] (Sweden) –

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Dear Friends!

We are very pleased to announce the long-awaited start of pre-orders for the new products in 2019 from AMT Electronics, which are the wonderful tube one-channel mini preamps of the AMT Bricks series - X-Lead line!

The AMT Bricks series and the X-Lead / X-Clean tube preamps' line are expanding constantly. Small dimensions, versatility, and "adult" sound – under this motto the new line of pedals was created. The pedals are built depending on the number of amplification stages either entirely on vacuum triodes or on the hybrid Tube + Semiconductors technology.

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Start of sales to NEW countries!

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Dear friends! 

We are happy to tell you that now our customers from 

Moldova (Republic of Moldova)

have possibilities to order AMT devices using directly from AMT's Italian warehouse!

Just create your account and order what you want!


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Dear customers!

We're glad to remind you that in our e-store is the system of bonuses points which could be used for payment for your orders.

AMT guitar cabinets in stock!

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AMT guitar cabinets in stock!

The newest AMT guitar cabinets with Celestion VINTAGE 30 speakers are available now!

Start of sales: SS-11X by Mercuriall Audio

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Start of sales: SS-11X by Mercuriall Audio

Dear friends!

We are glad to inform you about starting of sales for an amazing newest product SS-11X from Mercuriall Audio Software company! This is a great virtual plugin, based on a tube preamp AMT SS-11 (versions A and B). Wonderful Fender®-style clean sound and powerful, roaring crunch and lead channels won’t leave you indifferent!

You can check an official page of this plugin and purchase it right now following a link: