Start of pre-orders for the new AMT Bricks: M-Lead Plus, P-Lead, F-Clean, Vx-Clean, A-Bass, O-Bass

by Admin AMT

We are pleased to announce the start of pre-orders for new products in the line of preamps series Bricks from AMT Electronics!

AMT Bricks M-LEAD Plus - mod version of AMT Bricks M-LEAD with more gain (goes to high gain)! It emulates the “forefather” of the majority of amplifiers created for heavy styles.

AMT Bricks P-LEAD - preamp based on the response, characteristics, gain, and tonal nuances similar to that of Peavey 5150 and 6505 Amplifiers.

AMT Bricks F-Clean - this is the cleanest or slightly loaded sound, which is based on the scheme of the clean channel of guitar amplifiers Fender Twin.

AMT Bricks Vx-Clean - this device is based on the scheme of the legendary VOX AC30 amplifier. It may sound like a clean as well as a typical for VOX amps with a light Overdrive characteristic.

AMT Bricks A-Bass - this device is based on the scheme of the legendary Alembic bass preamps line.

AMT Bricks O-Bass - the basis of this bass preamp included the nature of sound is such a legendary bass amp as Orange AD200 mark3.